Mark Fryer


My name is Mark Fryer. I’m a software development manager working in Christchurch, New Zealand. I’m also a pilot, a father, an occasional runner and a chicken owner.

I started my career in software development back in 2002 in London, developing telecommunications software. After emigrating to Christchurch I found a position as a senior software engineer for a telematics company called Telogis. After 10 happy years there, I left in 2019 to find a new challenge.

I’ve done some contracting over the past year, and I’ve built a machine learning pipeline that’s reading some handwritten documents for a museum. And I’m also looking for that next full-time challenge.

I use my blog to keep notes on things I’ve found of interest; some of them are technical and some of them relate to the management of software development teams.

This website, the blog, its content and its opinions are all my own and do not represent other person’s or company’s view.

You can find me on LinkedIn.